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Give Your Old Tees New Life

It’s hard to let go of a t-shirt. It’s a slice of life, a reminder of who you were and what you found important or funny or cool at a particular moment in time. That tee you got for being the prompter for the high school musical probably didn’t survive the culling when you moved out of your parents’ house. Maybe it made it through a few purges. If by the time you move in with someone else and negotiate for space you still have it, that’s great. Sometimes a tee is so beloved, you don’t wear it for fear of destroying it with pit stains or ketchup. Then again, your favorite ones may show your love in the wear and tear you’ve put them through. And, let’s face it, there are some you are never going to fit into again. In any case, these objects of affection remain in a dresser drawer or a box in the closet, never to be seen again. You could turn them into pillows but somehow that cheapens them, making them fit only for a dorm room futon or the bedroom where you got dressed for the prom. (And they take up more space.) But ethreads RePurpose will turn your favorite tee (or just about anything else printed on fabric) into a useful item such as a pouch, a clutch, a wristlet, a tote bag or even an iPad cover. Here’s a bag a guy had made from one of his girl’s treasured t-shirts.

recycled t-shirt purse

She will never pass another woman carrying one of these. You’re limited only by your imagination–and your budget. I’m sure you’ve seen some hideously expensive iPad covers. But ethread’s prices start at only $25.00 for an iPad or tablet sleeve–lined in waterproof nylon to protect your tech, of course. That’s incredibly reasonable for a custom-made product. Theoretically, you could wear, carry and display your entire collection of t-shirts, all at the same time. Or at least the ones that are too small, too wrecked or just too damn great to hide in a drawer.

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